Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"We Sing, She Talks"

On Saturday we had visitors to our monthly children's gathering.  What a happy surprise!  One of our sweet fellas set out to describe a worship service for them:  "We sing, she talks, we sing, she talks."

Day made.

Later in the morning the same sweet fella began talking about our church again.  He grinned from ear to ear and looked right at me. "Our church is awesome.  Right, Pastor Katie?"


Cue crocodile tears of joy.

That moment right there was God's grace.  Thank you, Jesus.

Hey children's teachers & leaders, VBS volunteers, and other mentors at Scottsville Baptist: Well done.  Our children know they are loved.  They like coming to church.  They are being shaped to know Christ. 

What a gift to see God's grace evident on this little fella's face.  Thank you for making church awesome for kiddos, grown ups.

Pastor Bruce leads the popular plate-on-head relay race.