Monday, May 29, 2017

Proverbs 119 or Why You Should Come to Sunday School

Last week I asked our Sunday School class if they knew what was special about Proverbs 119. Most folks seemed hesitant to reply. "Great!" I thought, smiling. "I'll get to drop some sweet knowledge on the class."

"It's the longest chapter in the Bible!!" I proclaimed...except that it's not. It really, really isn't. Proverbs has a grand total of 31 chapters.

I wasn't even in the ballpark, and while I'd love to say I simply misspoke...that would be a lie. I didn't figure out I was wrong until I tried looking up Proverbs 117 (or, according to ME ONLY, the shortest chapter in the Bible).

Just a friendly reminder: If you're afraid to come to Sunday School because you don't know everything about the Bible, remember that your pastor thought Proverbs has 119 chapters.

We're all learners.

The point of Sunday School is not to see who knows the most Bible trivia! Sunday School is about studying, learning, and growing alongside other Christians as we read the Bible together. Sunday School is about building community with fellow believers (what the Bible calls 'koinonia'). Please don't let Sunday School intimidate you! We want you to be part.

Join us in Sunday School! We'll learn together.