Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad.

A few weeks ago we hosted the Presbyterians and Methodists for a combined Thanksgiving worship service and I asked our folks to park at the library to make room for others.  This made me think of my dad, circa 1990s.

Almost every Sunday Dad ignored the legion of open parking spots closest to the entrance at church.  He followed this up by ignoring spots at the most far away lot until he reached the very last space; that is where the McKowns parked.  I didn't realize it as a girl, but my dad was often looking for ways to make room for others.  This subtle kindness left a mark on me.

My dad serves in lots of ways--most of which he wouldn't want you to know. I like that about him.

He doesn't clamor for applause either.  Mike McKown does good things because he is a good man.  He is also unflinchingly fair, which is a rare and needed gift in our world.  I like that too.

Tomorrow is this special fellow's birthday (and it's a big one!), and I am so glad to be his daughter.  Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad & Katie went to the Holy Land this year.  Here he is having a wondrous time.
Give him lots of hugs today.  He loves hugs. (wink)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Night, Preacher's Delight!

One of the world's best pastors, Bill Smith, taught me this fun proverb: Sunday Night, Preacher's Delight!  I am feelin' it today, friends.

There is a air of vibrancy at Scottsville Baptist Church.  The Holy Spirit is moving.  On some Sundays it's like a thousand lightning bugs were let loose in the sanctuary and we're running around trying to catch all the joy.  Today was like that. (I made about 14 jokes.  Thanks for laughing at 12 of them.)  Sunday Night, Preacher's Delight!

This afternoon our Sunday School class visited a local nursing home. Susan organized the day so well.  We shared cookies, visited folks' rooms, sang carols, played bingo, and gave away lots of fun door prizes.  We laughed and we shed some tears too.  Lots of folks are missing spouses and loved ones.  We thanked veterans, and listened to stories.  It was a gift.

The residents enjoyed bingo!
We enjoyed Starbucks.
I love seeing church members thrive in ministry.  I love seeing the church worshipping with gladness, meeting needs, and being the presence of Christ to one another.

Sunday Night, Preacher's Delight indeed.