Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Goodwin LifeCare Center

Ed Goodwin is one of the retired pastors in our congregation.  Like me, Ed is a Baylor Bear (sic 'em) and enjoys reading.  He regularly brings me newspaper clippings, and presents them with a smile and joke.  Retired pastors are the best.

For 22 years, Ed worked with The Baptist Home in Missouri as Superintendent, Administrator, and Executive Director.  Here's what Becky Barton had to say about Ed's leadership in the June edition of The Baptist Home newsletter:

"...Ed Goodwin recommended Sherri Snider...Sherri remembers being apprehensive that she would not be accepted for such a role for two reasons...1) she was a young woman, just 32 years old, and 2) she was not a preacher.  However Ed placed every confidence in her, and she was presented to the board as the new administrator of the Arcadia Valley campus."

Can someone pass the Kleenex?

Ed's encouragement made the difference in Sherri's calling.  Here's more good news:  Ed's legacy of "plac[ing] every confidence" in young women continues.  Ed's consistent encouragement of his 34 year old pastor (me!) is a gift.  I am grateful.

The Baptist Home greatly benefitted not only from Ed's leadership, but also that of his late wife, Joy.  Joy led "the innovative implementation of Validation Therapy" at The Baptist Home.  In March, the trustees voted to name the LifeCare Center after Ed and Joy.  Construction has begun! 

Goodwin LifeCare Center on June 15, 2015.  Photo credit:  Tommy Harper.

The chapel.  Photo credit:  Tommy Harper.

Raise the roof!  Photo credit:  Tommy Harper.

Photo credit Tommy Harper.
Scottsville Baptist Church is blessed to have Ed among our people. Well done, our good and faithful servant!

To download Becky Barton's article in its entirety, please click here.