Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Whistling While They Work

This morning I bumped into someone new to our church.  She introduced me to a friend and said, "This is my pastor, Katie" and then "Katie, I was just telling my friend about the church!"  I love when people are excited about church.

When I returned to the church, I was headed for my office but took a detour downstairs.  Two young moms were happily painting cabinets in the nursery.  I walked up the stairwell where bulletin boards had been covered with fresh, flashy fabric.  In the kitchen a daughter and father were unloading zucchinis for our weekly food distribution.  I then peeked inside a Sunday School classroom to see piles of jackets for a coat drive. When I finally made it to my office I was grinning from ear to ear.  It wasn't even noon and my day was made.

Yesterday wasn't too shabby either.  INSPIRATION ALERT:  Our oldest member (95!) insisted on scrubbing floors to help prepare for our 175th anniversary.

(Warning: This picture may make you weep with joy.)

Our church is in a vibrant season of ministry.  I am grateful.