Sunday, January 25, 2015


Last Sunday many of our folks enjoyed sharing lunch together. During the meal, a longtime church member smiled at a new mother and her baby.  "He is OUR baby," he said.  Then we all smiled.

This morning we prayed for our missionaries, Don and Susan.  After retiring from the pastorate the Moores joined Scottsville Baptist, but it wasn't long before they heard God calling them to St. David RV Resort in Arizona.  At the resort, Don leads worship services and Bible Studies. He also visits and offers pastoral care.  The Moores are in Arizona for 6 months and then return to Virginia.

Bubbles designed this wondrous table display.
I love the high end RVs (all Mercedes) and outhouse with seating for two.  

This afternoon we shared a time of fellowship at our parsonage. Visitors, longtime church members, friends of children, and others stopped by.  We had fun!  See pictures for proof.

Kind Hallie was willing to pose with the "turkey leg"
The spread!  Thanks to so many folks for contributing yummy treats!
Our generations.
Having a good time!
Enjoying snacks!
Our:  Three little letters.  One big meaning.

I'm grateful for Scottsville Baptist Church.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Found Treasure

As I was searching the parsonage high and low for a children's message idea, I found a Bible Story Book my parents gave me as an eight year-old. Here's the note on the inside cover:

What a gift.  

Thanks Mom and Dad for encouraging independent reading, study of the Bible, and love of God.