Wednesday, May 25, 2016


John Cashion, Music Minister Extraordinaire, introduced the 4th graders of my home church to hand bells.  I'm so glad he did!  John is an excellent teacher and a lot of fun.  Thank you, John! (Thank you also for being patient as I gingerly removed NKOTB buttons to prevent bell clanking.)

You can imagine my joy when I found two octaves of hand bells at Scottsville Baptist!  In November I mentioned starting a hand bell choir to Hallie, our Coordinator of Family Ministries. Her response: "I'm in.  Let's do it.  Can we be ready for Christmas?"  Hallie's enthusiasm = on point. 

We invited the church to join in and as it turned out a hand bell all-star was in our midst!  Michael, our leader, has years of experience and is well-versed in the hand bell lexicon.  We learned nuances like Shelley ringing, damping, and shaking.  Others joined us and we now have a bonafide hand bell choir, or as I like to call us:  Handbellz. 

Handbellz lead in worship on Pentecost. 
 Back (L to R):  Matt Earman, Hallie Earman. Front (L to R):  Lisa Turner, Victoria Melander, Katie McKown, Matt Stone, Stephanie Stone, Erin Goolsby.  Leader: Michael Goolsby

Erin is working on Handbellz t-shirt.  Someone wondered "Where would we wear a Handbellz t-shirt?"  The better question is "Where wouldn't we wear a Handbellz t-shirt?" We're having fun.

We are players of all ages comprised mostly of millennials.  Who would've guessed that?  I love it. We are helping one another learn and look forward to playing more often.  It's a privilege to help lead in worship. 

Handbellz Rehearsal.
Perhaps you're wondering "Are there people playing in the baptistery?"
The answer is yes. Shout out bass clef. 

Shout out also to my Washington Nationals Coffee Mug
Handbellz:  Behind the Music. 
Stephanie (L) and Hallie (R) prepare the foam.