Saturday, January 23, 2016

Worship Guide for a Snowy Sunday

Hello Scottsville Baptist Church!  Since we will not be gathering for Sunday worship at 690 Harrison Street, I wanted to provide you a worship guide to use at your home.  Feel free to tweak!

The peace of God be with you! 

Opening Prayer:  Invite everyone gathered to say a sentence prayer giving thanks and praise to God

Hymn:  Sing a verse of a favorite hymn or praise song

Scripture Reading:  Luke 5:1-11 (our passage for next Sunday)  

Reflection Questions and Thoughts
For Children:  Tell about a time you went fishing.  How did you catch fish?  How did Jesus tell Peter to catch fish?  How many fish were caught when Jesus was in the boat?  In verse 10 what did Jesus tell Peter he would catch?  Why did Jesus tell Peter he would fish for people?

For Adults:  What do we learn about Peter in this passage?  What do we learn about Jesus?  How does this story intersect with your life?  Consider how God might be calling you to follow.

Hymn:  Listen to a favorite hymn or praise song.
For Children:  Color the story while listening.  Print out a coloring page here (adults can color too!)

Joys and Concerns:  Share prayer requests and praises.  Pray for our church.

Here we are!  Photo Credit:  Elizabeth Liebermann

And finally...enjoy table fellowship!  Bonus points for those who prepare fish for lunch or dinner (fish sticks count!).

See you soon!