Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom

When I was a girl I wanted to sign my name as elegantly as my mom. There's something special about her cursive P.  Mom's John Hancock was Pat D. McKown.  I asked what the "D" stood for and she straight up told me "Dinosaur." This tall tail tale was served with a fabricated side story.  I guess I knew she was teasing, but I loved her imagination too much to doubt it.  This makes me smile:  I think I like adventures because of her.

Pat McKown is a force.  She worked her way through college and earned a Master's Degree from Kent State University.  Pre-retirement Mom was an audiologist and health department administrator.  I liked going to her office because she had a huge sound booth (say "hot dog") and interesting toys.  Mom had a Barbie in a wheelchair which was thoughtful since she had little ones with wheels of their own.

Mom can make curtains or quilts behind her back, but she's also a sports enthusiast.  She loves the St. Louis Cardinals and has her own bowling bag and shoes.  Pat McKown can fix things too.  I missed out on that gene.  

Mom grew up Catholic and is Baptist now, but she still likes to watch Mass on Christmas Eve and see the pope bless God's littlest ones. One of my favorite road trips with Mom was to the Abbey of Gethsemani in Trappist, Kentucky (Thomas Merton lived there).  Even though we both got motion sick on the special train ride it was a fun day.

Mom has a great sense of humor too.  Two of my favorite examples:  1. She once put Ashley Gill's mom, Christy in a headlock 2. When looking at houses in Arlington she said:  "Sorry we don't have three million dollars.  We spent all our money on Propels...that stuff ain't cheap."

Mom is a wonderful listener and she has a tender heart for the plight of others.  She is conscientious and wants to do the right thing.  Mom is extravagant in her love and gives grace to all.  I am a blessed daughter.  

Happy Birthday Mom!

One of my favorite pictures of my mom

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