Monday, February 3, 2014

A great day for Scottsville Baptist

Admittedly some days in the church community can be a challenge, but other days are so full of joy it is barely containable!  It is important to celebrate such days.  Yesterday was that kind of vibrant, life-giving day for Scottsville Baptist:  

1.  A youth led in worship (with our great pianist) by playing the violin.  Thanks Hannah and Janice!

2.  The kiddos were introduced to my lookalike muppet, Little Katie, during the children's sermon.  They were unexpectedly (to me) terrified. 

"Do you want to hold her?"  Nervous shaking heads said no.  

(Post services, they warmed to her.)

3.  We shared the Lord's Supper.

4.  Two wonderful folks joined the Scottsville Baptist family.  Welcome Hallie and Matt!  The congregation broke out in thunderous applause. We laughed.  We smiled.  We forgot to vote.  (We later voted over soup per Robert's Rules of Order, Section 5 "If You Forget to Vote") 'Twas great.

If ever you wonder how thrilled pastors are when folks join the church, look no further than my face.  

5.  We enjoyed a delicious Souper Bowl Sunday lunch.  Thanks Barbara and team for your work!  $420 was raised to help offset youth mission trip costs.

6.  We set a February goal of collecting 200 rolls of toilet paper for the food pantry.  People walked in the doors of the church armed with Charmin. We laughed!  The collection box was overflowing with TP! Huzzah!

In the words of Paul Harvey, "GOOD DAY!"

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