Sunday, December 4, 2016

Thank You Church Staff!

Following worship today, the church staff enjoyed a celebratory Christmas lunch out on the town! Table fellowship is an integral part of our church's DNA, so we happily enjoyed a couple of hours eating, laughing, telling stories, and visiting. (Shout out to Amici's for the photo shoot!)

Karen is our secretary.  I can't tell you how many people stop by Karen's office each week. Her gifts of humor, pastoral care, and encouragement make everyone feel welcome.  Also she understands and mostly appreciates my "gift" of sarcasm.  Thank you, Karen!

Janice is our pianist.  Janice has built on our strength of people of all ages to plan a Christmas musical involving 2 year-olds to 90 year-olds. I love it!  Janice and her daughter Angela have started a children's choir. Our little worshippers are joyful and learning to lead. Thank you, Janice!

Hallie is our Coordinator of Family Ministries.  Hallie organizes fellowship and fun. She is skilled in equipping others to lead (discipleship!).  Today she shared plans for a hot cocoa bar at church on Dec. 25th.  PERFECT!  Her enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you, Hallie!

Thanks be to God for these ladies.

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