Sunday, July 8, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Three Nationals games in three days:  Huzzah!  1-2:  Not so huzzah; however the all-star break will be restorative.

I love baseball.  Game day excitement is palpable.  The metro is filled with red, white and blue.  The city is actually abuzz with Natitude which is welcome relief after so many years in last place.  Don't get me wrong: I loved the Nats when they were losing too...but first place feels GREAT!   

I love cheering for Ryan Zimmerman.  I love keeping score.  I love the smell of hot dogs (in general, but especially at the ball park).  I love jumping up in excitement when a sweet play is made.  I secretly love feeling superior when I sing "cracker jack" instead of "cracker jacks."  I love watching fans dance in glory.    

I blame my family.  I can't remember a summer I didn't go to Busch Stadium. We would arrive hours early just to watch batting practice.  The St. Louis Cardinals were it.  My favorite was watching Ozzie Smith do a back flip before the game.   My family continues to practice absolute loyalty to the Cards, while I've made room on my scorecard for the Nats.  Most of them have disowned me, which is painful yet I appreciate their loyalty.
KM color blocking at an early age.

If you haven't already please enjoy America's past time this summer.  It's a great game.

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