Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I have a Lottie to learn

I have a lot to learn in general, but in particular I have a lot to learn about Lottie Moon.

Having grown up in a Southern Baptist church I spent many a Wednesday night learning about Lottie Moon.  I remember Mrs. Betty Jackson telling me all about her in 1st grade GAs (Girls in Action).  Lottie was a missionary to China who told people about Jesus Christ.  Her passion caught the attention of Southern Baptists across the country and as such the Christmas mission offering bears her name.
This Christmas Eve marks the 100 year anniversary of her death.

In November I will begin as pastor of Scottsville Baptist Church which counts Lottie Moon's parents, Anna and Edward, amongst its early leaders.  Little Lottie was part of Scottsville Baptist.  What a legacy!  When I visited SBC it was fun to imagine her running around the sanctuary and learning about God.

I am excited to start the journey with the people of Scottsville.  I have a lottie to learn (can't help myself) about them and their rich history.

(By the way-if you can recommend any good Lottie Moon books or materials, please let me know!)


  1. I just read the newest Lottie biography this spring, "Lottie Moon: A Southern Baptist Missionary to China in History and Legend" by Regina Sullivan. It's quite good. Lots of info I never heard about her and much better actual biographical info on the myths that have grown up around her name.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Matt. I found quite a few on my search, so I'm glad to have a recommendation. Thanks! Hope you are well.