Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Love These Youthies.

I will miss these kiddos a lot.
Aren't they great?  I love their commitment to costuming.
Tonight they surprised me with a party.  It was full of things I love:
1.  youthies
2.  thoughtfulness
2.  laughter
3.  a surprise!
4.  brilliant costuming (including a bedazzled number just for me--they know how I roll)
5.  homemade cupcakes and cake

It was humbling to watch them do something so kind for me.  This blessing of effort and thought made me swell with gratefulness.  I love how they are fun, caring and follow Jesus. What a beautiful combination!  (Side sermon:  Grown up church, rest easy!  The future is in loving hands.  I see faithful deacons, missionaries, council members, pastors, greeters, ushers, treasurers and more in our group.  Rest easy.)

I have enjoyed watching them grow.  I've known some of them for more than six years.  What a gift to walk with them through such formative times.  I am grateful to God for calling me to Memorial.

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