Tuesday, November 6, 2012


There was a serious lack of bingo at Truett Seminary in the mid 2000s. Happily an ally was gained in Student Services (props) and a Bingo Night was put on the calendar.

I can't remember now why the lack of bingo (excuse me:  serious lack of bingo) was troubling to Kathryn and me, but it was.  Kathryn and I worked together as Teaching Assistants for Dr. Betty Talbert.  It took roughly .5 seconds for us to become pals.  

I thought I was excited about Bingo Night having successfully convinced Student Services I could sell a 48 pack of visors (how can you play bingo without visors?); but then Kathryn strolled in to the Great Hall wearing a wind suit, enormous sunglasses (pre-popularity) and a wig.  There she was starting eyeglass trends and being awesome. Don't you love people who really give themselves to a themed party?  I do.

LaVerne and Shirley.  Yes we did give ourselves fake names.

Earlier this week I had the great pleasure of meeting Kathryn for brunch. Kathryn works for Wycliffe Bible Translators in western Africa and is home catching her breath.  I loved hearing about her day-to-day life.  I loved hearing and remembering her passion for linguistics.  I loved thinking about her sassy self sharing Jesus.  When I think about who Kathryn is and what she does I am so very grateful.  Thanks Kathryn.

I also remembered Kathryn raises all her own support.  If you don't know about Wycliffe please check them out:  www.wycliffe.org.  If you would like to support Kathryn please get in touch with me.

I 4 1 (get it? bingo post) am grateful for Kathryn's friendship and ministry.  

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