Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Check it out: I got a library card!

I got a library card this evening!  What joy.  I'd been looking forward to a library visit and yes--checking it out for the last couple of weeks.  I was overdue for a visit.  And guess what?  The library was fine.  And now I'm done with puns. (Until someone can make a microfiche pun.  I would love that.)

Today I finished a book on cassette (yes tape!) so to the library I went. I checked out two books and put Les Miserables (on CD) on hold.  It's time for French history, Jean Val Jean and Katie to get acquainted.

I guess it's nerdy to be so excited for a library card but I am.  Isn't the library a great place?  As a girl I would go for story time at the library. A gentle soul would read a book and use puppets to make the story come alive.  As a student I would nearly always study at the library.  I love the quiet and discipline (and the occasional shenanigans the library seems to bring out in people).  And best of all?  The library is free and open to all.  Any person can walk through the door and open their minds to an adventure.  Think of all the wonderful places books have taken you.  And what's better than an adventure?

Library love runs in my family on both sides.  My Granny (dad's mom) is a voracious reader so much so the local librarian knows her taste!  She selects books for Granny, Mom picks them up and Granny devours them.  On my mom's side I'm a library legacy.  Grammy (mom's mom) was a librarian.  Gram worked for the St. Louis Public Library and retired from the Shawnee Public Library in 1982.  When she retired they gave her a quilt with a hand-sewn square from each friend.  My favorite square says "Any Time.  Any Place.  Any Book."  My second favorite is a picture of a cheeseburger, so I feel certain Gram and I would be good friends.  Any person honored by a quilted cheeseburger is my kind of person.

It makes me smile when I look at it.

I'm grateful for the bibliophiles who paved the way for this library-lover.


  1. Public libraries are awesome. My 9 year-old daughter got her first very own library card this summer and you would've thought she had a driver's license! She was so proud. And I was proud that it meant that much to her.

    I always feel at home in a library...

  2. I like imagining Janae being so excited for her first library card! What a happy day for her dad!

    Glad you share the library love!