Thursday, January 10, 2013

Part One: The Day We Recorded a Hit Single

When I was a student at Truett we had gatherings called "Brown Bag Lunches" where we discussed practical topics of ministry.  Well done Truett.  We didn't cover everything (how many pizzas to order when you expect 12-25 people) and some things you have to learn on your feet, but here's one thing I never expected to come up in ministry: How to prepare for your first album release.

When I arrived in Scottsville I began attending the Albevanna Clergy Group.  On any given week there are 8-10 of us.  We are Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal and Presbyterian.  We are gentlemen and ladies.  We are (guessing!) in our twenties, thirties, forties, fifties and sixties. Every week we meet for two hours and it's a great time.  We share a potluck breakfast, we sing, we pray and we discuss the lectionary text.

Almost as soon as I joined there was mention of recording a CD and everyone was/is serious about it.  The idea is to produce a compact disc to sell to benefit local charities and perhaps even have a concert.  Also we enjoy singing together.

Well:  The time has come.  The hours are drawing nigh.  On Saturday...we record.  I am really hoping for ginormous ear muffs/headphones to wear.  Come back for part deux.

What about you?  What didn't you expect to come up in ministry?

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