Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Part Deux: Cutting a CD

So...cutting a CD is humbling.  VERY humbling.  As it turns out shower/car voice is not the same as recording studio voice.  It was very humbling, but I had a lot of fun.  It stretched me because I don't really like stepping out of my comfort zone; but it's a new year and I'm trying.  (Also mad props to the minstrels out there.  Hours and hours of singing is hard work.)

Due to last minute schedule conflicts, there were only five of us at the studio.  Three Methodists, one Episcopal and one Baptist.  Four gents and one lady.  No pressure...amiright Lady Katie?  In the end I sounded a bit like a nervous Cindy Loo Hoo accompanying a strapping barbershop quartet. The men sounded wonderful!

In one of my favorite Bill Smith sermons he compared the Christian family to an orchestra.  Let's say Baptists play trumpets; Methodists percussion; Episcopals flutes; Lutherans tubas and Presbyterians trombones.  We are all part of a great concert together.  And even if we take turns trying to lure him off the podium, Jesus is in charge.  Jesus is the drum major.  At our worst, we sound like a train wreck.  No one pays attention to the drum major.  No one tries to stay together.  We accuse other sections of being out of tune.

At our best however we can make beautiful music. At our best harmony is made.  We play different notes and different instruments, but together we make a rich sound.  We need each other to make beautiful music.  We really do.  A flute trio is nice.  A tuba choir is fun...but together we are capable of making music the world wants to hear.  Isn't that an exciting thought?

Yes we are different.  Yes we will disagree.  Yes it seems like others are out of tune and maybe they are; but shouting at one another in the band room doesn't help much!  (Trust me:  Band drama is not only a nerdy cliché.  It is actually the worst.)  With all due respect, let's work on our own parts.  Sometimes the most discord comes from those within our own sections (ahem...Baptists.  I'm pointing at myself too.)  So let's get ourselves in tune.  Let's focus on blending with the other parts to make beautiful music.  It's 2013 and we all need each other. 

Alright:  This metaphor needs a rest (get it?  music?  rest?:)) but I am grateful for the opportunity to make music with brothers and sisters.  I am grateful to study scripture, eat and sing with these colleagues weekly.  It makes me better.  Thanks Jesus for the diversity of your orchestra. 

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