Monday, February 18, 2013

A Passport to your National Parks

Last weekend I told my college pals central Virginia is the loveliest place I've lived.  This is practically anathema when you come from the gorgeous state of Kentucky, but I can't get over these mountains.  And when the mountains and the sunset join forces it's over for me.  The oranges were brilliant and the purples...oh the purples.  It was as if God dipped a brush in Lent and painted the sky.  

Since it's Presidents' Day I decided to do something historical.  On Saturday friends suggested we meet for lunch and Fredericksburg was chosen as the destination. I was thrilled because in addition to seeing friends I could visit a Civil War Battlefield!  I love history AND I get a stamp in my National Parks Passport!  As a lady who enjoys crossing things off lists, imagine what excitement a stamp delivers.  

After speaking with helpful park rangers, I hiked through the hallowed grounds.  It sounds cliche but any time I have the privilege of being amongst such history I'm in awe.  I am a tactile learner so touching the trees and walking alongside the trenches makes the story alive again. So many thoughts come to mind: War and peace, death and life, freedom and cost.  There is much to ponder.  I learned about Stonewall Jackson and stood where he was fatally wounded.  I thought about Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee and US Grant.

On the way home I trudged through Tale of Two Cities (I'm trying pals of Charles Dickens) and then talked with my niece on FaceTime.  I am grateful for a day of beauty, friendship, family and history.  I'm grateful for a day full of life.  Thanks Presidents' Day for being awesome.   

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