Thursday, November 20, 2014

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

Watching church members thrive in ministry makes my heart sing.  This is a true gift of pastoral ministry.  When folks are engaging spiritual gifts and living like Jesus, it is a privilege to be part.

This week the Spirit has been singing at Scottsville Baptist, and I love it. There is a sense of vibrancy in our community.  Just this week church members have:

  • Prepared homemade soup & casserole for table fellowship with those visiting our clothing closet
  • Brainstormed new ideas in committee meetings
  • Practiced anthems for Thanksgiving worship with Presbyterian & Methodist brethren and sistren
  • Bought healthy foods (50 pounds of oats, 50 pounds of rice, fruit, etc.) for our pantry
  • Emailed visitors
  • Prepared Thanksgiving meals for those in need
  • Donated and processed deer, which was then shared with folks visiting the food pantry
  • Helped me at the parsonage
  • Organized a Sunday School mission outing to a nursing home in Charlottesville (in lieu of a party)
  • Made Chrismons
  • Prepared meals for new parents in our congregation 
  • Given pastoral care
  • Designed a welcome sign
  • A hundred other things of which I'm not aware

  • The best part is many of these things were led by church members (not the pastor)!  I am grateful for willing, excited leaders.  These are folks taking initiative and serving the Lord with gusto and gladness.

    It's a joy to be part of this.

    Thanks Alex for the welcome sign!  My personality is adequately captured!
    Thanksgiving baskets assembled by the Gaines family!

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