Monday, June 12, 2017

Eleven on Eleven

I can hardly believe it, but Sunday was the 11th anniversary of my ordination.

In some ways June 11, 2006 seems like yesterday.  In other ways it seems like a lifetime ago.

Time is funny like that.

In 2006 I had no idea how joyful this calling would be.  Yes it can be challenging.  Yes it can be stressful. It's both of those adjectives and a few more, but the first, most prevalent descriptor of ministry is joyful.  

At Scottsville Baptist we are in a season of joy and yesterday was no exception; so in celebration of my 11th ordination, here are 11 highlights from June 11:

  1. Spirited Discussion of Stewardship in Sunday School.  We're finishing up the book of James.  James doesn't kid around and our discussion didn't either.  The class is serious about faith AND they know how to laugh:  What a fantastic combination! 
  2. Table Display in Worship.  Our treasurer, Pat, arranged a fun visual display of our tithes and offerings at work.  I suggested my salary might be represented by a Barbie and he took my suggestion!  I loved this.
  3. "Katie won't let you fly under the radar."  Said by Pat in worship.  They know me!
  4. Elizabeth Bennett?  My sermon was about beginnings and endings so I started by sharing famous first lines.  The congregation correctly identified Dickens, Melville, and Genesis 1:1, but took a minute on this one:  "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife."  "It's one of my favorites!" I said.  "Must be an Austen" they said.  Indeed.  
  5. Baptist Women's Day Rehearsal.  Next Sunday we recognize Baptist Women's Day.  Following worship our ladies rehearsed 'Great is Thy Faithfulness'.  They sang with gusto.  It was great.
  6. Visiting Katherine's house.  Katherine, one of dear seniors, passed away in October.  Her daughter and son-in-law invited me to Katherine's home yesterday.  "You won't believe this," Dorothy said and then showed me to her mama's wood stove.  Inside logs were neatly stacked with crumpled newspaper nestled in every nook and cranny.  95 year-old Katherine was ready for the first snow!  She carried those logs in herself. Katherine was a fabulous, fierce force of a lady!
  7. Party.  One of our families invited me to their son's graduation celebration.  It was atop a mountain with breathtaking views. Tasty BBQ was also involved!  
  8. Handbellz Rehearsal.  We focused on theory, listened to Chopin, and learned about the Circle of Fifths.  It was awesome.  Our director is well-versed in all things music.
  9. 2nd Sunday Fellowship.  Our Discipleship Team kicked off its new '2nd Sunday Fellowship' where all ages and stages eat, play, and learn together.  Bluegrass music and fellowship filled the air. What a great evening!
  10. 2nd Sunday Fellowship Part Two.  I had no responsibilities at this gathering!  Pastors love when this happens, and it's not because we relish being lazy.  On the contrary--it's hard for most of us to keep our mouths shut!  Pastors are happy because healthy churches have invested and involved laity who are eager to move the mission forward.  Way to go Discipleship Team!
  11. Conversations. I talked with congregants of all ages about everything and nothing--about baptism and profession of faith, Disney World, camping, worries, excitement, and family members. I even got to "converse" with our littlest ones who freely toddle into my office.  I hope they always feel welcome to come and talk with me.  
Yesterday was a gift.  I'm grateful to celebrate Eleven on Eleven with Scottsville Baptist Church.


  1. Katie, Congratulations on your anniversary. And what a lively church you have going in Scottsville. I love you all.

    1. Gordon, thanks for reading and responding! It is a lively, wonderful congregation. We love you all too. Blessings to you and Ginny.