Thursday, July 6, 2017

When You Introduce Me As Your Pastor

I love when you introduce me as your pastor.

Sometimes it's in the hospital room or funeral home.  Sometimes it's at a restaurant or over a meal at your home with friends.  Sometimes you introduce me to the waitstaff or your doctor or a Scottsvillian I haven't yet met. Sometimes you introduce me to family or coworkers or someone you're dating.  I like meeting your mother, your office mate, your boyfriend, your second cousin twice removed; and I enjoy conversation with people new to me (extrovert alert).     

When you introduce me as your pastor, I am reminded of the privilege it is to serve this role in your life. When you say "This is my pastor" it's an opportunity for me to reaffirm those sacred duties to which I am called. It's like my own 'hymn of invitation'--a chance to rededicate myself to God's call on my life; and I hope it's a chance for you to engage folks in dialogue about church and Jesus.

Thank you for introducing me as your pastor.  I love it.

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