Monday, October 9, 2017

Welcome home, Pastor!

On Saturday I returned from a most refreshing vacation.  This translates to joy (!) and an eagerness to work from rest.  I practically skipped to the parsonage from my car, and here's what was waiting for me on the back porch:

Thanks Doulos Class!
Coffee and seltzer!  I'll enjoy the beverages, but their remembering my favorite drinks is what means the most.  Thanks Doulos Class.

The next morning I found this bag of treats waiting for me in the office:  

And then I went to the Koinonia Class Sunday School room to prepare the coffee and LOL'd (actual):

The gentlemen won this round.  It is possible we are a little competitive. 
While I was away they played Bible Jeopardy and Alexa Trebek and her team were super creative.  A Mason Jar trophy was crafted for the victors while the 'almost winners' were given Dum Dums.  

I love this church.  

Our church isn't perfect BUT I'm a big believer in celebrating the good. Two of this week's "the good":  Intentional kindness to your pastor and FUN! 

Church:  Do you know what a gift your kindness and fun are to me? Thank you.  My vacation was successful in no small part because of who you are.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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