Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Creche in a Purse

One of my favorite holiday traditions is to set up creches from around the world.  I have collected them from trips abroad or friends and family have given them as gifts.  I love how each country portrays the nativity scene differently.  My favorite is a simple olive wood carving from Israel of the holy family.

Somewhere along the line baby Jesus from Mexico went missing.  So sad!  I was telling someone about my dilemma and word got out.  A few days later a congregant stopped by the office.  She reached into her purse and pulled out a spare baby Jesus for me. I loved that moment.

Not only was her gift kind; it was also a reminder of the importance of meeting needs.  Teddie heard I needed Jesus and she found a way to get him to me (whoah!  lesson!  sermon illustration!  blog!).

There are people all around us with needs.  And some folks don't even know what their needs are.  Or they're confused about what they think they need.  Wait a minute!  That sounds familiar...

Some folks are anxious.  Others are hungry.  Some are depressed.  Some are lonely.  Some are apathetic. Others are addicted.  Some are confused.  Some need help paying the bills.  Some are frustrated.  And the list continues.  There are people all around us with needs.  And guess what?  We are "those people" too.  How can we help?  It's not always as simple as a creche in a purse, but is.

Teddie heard I needed Jesus and she found a way to get him to me. God help me to do the same.

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