Monday, December 10, 2012

Welcome to the pasture, pastor.

Tuesday afternoon I planned to visit some of Scottsville Baptist's farming folks.  I was running a bit behind so I had just enough time to change from heels to sneakers, but not enough sense to put on pants. I was wearing a dress and thought tennis shoes and tights would do the trick.

I was so excited.  I had been looking forward to this visit ever since I tasted some of the yummy pickles, beets and turnips the Lanes gave me.

When I arrived we planned to go out to the pasture first.  Karlen showed me to the four-wheelers and pointed to the one I would drive. Katie McKown has never ridden or driven a four-wheeler.  Pat and Mike did not allow such things and as a rule follower (mostly:)) I managed to refrain all these years but...

there's a first time for everything!

Back to the story:  Karlen showed me the four-wheeler I would be driving.  In a dress.  By myself.  With my fake jewels and such.  I was a bit afraid, but threw caution to the wind (Katie style) and did it.

I LOVED IT.  We rode out into the pasture and met up with the cows. We drove them into another pasture (all in a day’s work).  The weather was unseasonably warm and we rode toward the sunset.  The sunsets are magnificent where we live.   I couldn't stop smiling.  

Everything was great, but the bull was not a fan of Katie.  Once he saw me he was seriously mooing hard (loud?).  He sort of run-jumped in my general direction.  Up until this point I had only sang of cows jumping (over the moon), but it turns out they do sort of hop a bit. Karlen advised me not to wear bright colors again (She was also probably thinking “Don’t wear a dress, fake jewels or tights either!”)

It was a great day for new adventures.  Great day.  Thanks Lane family for welcoming me to your farm!

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