Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wisconsin: Where It's At.

The Patrick-McKown Family Reunion is coming up!  I can hardly wait.  This year the reunion is in the Badger State.  Speaking of:  On behalf of all people who love cheese allow me to thank you, Wisconsin, for who you are.  Your efforts in the cheddar and pepper-jack worlds are unmatched.

While Wisconsin is known for cheese, the Patrick-McKown clan's main culinary emphasis is pig.  Pig is our thing.  We dig the pig.  We're dorks for pork.  I'll stop...though I could continue.  Every year we lit-rally live high on the hog. 

I'm finished now. 

I still remember Granny's first pig pickin' ('g' unnecessary).  Every year she adds a new element of excitement to the pulling of pork festivities. Last year Granny wore a tiara.  Awesome!  The apple doesn't fall far from the pig's mouth.

Granny, Christmas 2012.
Nearly all of my cousins will be there, which makes me happy.  What a motley crew in the best sense of the cliche, amirite cousins?  I don't see my cousins often--we live in Kentucky, Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia, Alaska, California, Illinois, Ohio and Minnesota--so it's a great opportunity to catch up and get to know one another as adults.  Most years we run a 5K and sometimes we wear costumes.  We don't mind the long stares from innocent bystanders either.  I like that.  Last year Iron Man and friends even made it into the Ohio County (KY) Times.  EXCITING.

Wisconsin contingent, 2012.

Running in formal wear, 2011.
I'm grateful for my family and look forward to seeing them.

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