Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Short Confession

Sometimes it's hard to know if you're doing enough as a pastor.  On Monday I helped orient a batch of young ministers (as the "still-young-but-less-young-than-these" minister) and I told them to work hard--harder than they worked in college or seminary.  Following my presentation, the seasoned minister advised them to work smart.  That is better advice. 

As I've reflected this week though, we really shouldn't be measured by our work ethic or smarts.  This is not the rubric of success (though we should work hard and smart!).  Success is being faithful to wherever, however, whenever God calls.  Success is being faithful.

I hope I remember that.  It's difficult.


  1. Good point. I can go so caught up in pride in my work that I miss the point of what I am working towards. And once I've put a lot of effort into something-- once I've worked hard AND smart for a long time-- I don't want my labor to be "wasted" if it turns out that it's time to refocus or relinquish my part in the task.

  2. Very true, thanks for the reminder. Success is found in faithfulness - even when it's hard.

    1. Thanks Artemia. Being faithful isn't easy, but this life of following God is a blessed one.