Friday, June 28, 2013

Keepin' the Presbyterians on their Toes

On July 14 Scottsville Methodist, Presbyterian and Baptist churches will exchange pulpits for a day.  The idea was born out of a lunch Bruce (Methodist pastor), Gordon (Presbyterian pastor) and I shared.  We were thrilled and hoped our congregations would be too.  They were.

I'll be preaching at the Presbyterian church which is all kinds of amazing to me.  Not only are the people kind (shout out), it gives me an opportunity to roll around in Baptist goodness.  I saw a group of Gordon's folks at the local Italian restaurant this week.  Following is our exchange:

Them:  "I hear you're preaching for us soon!"
Me:  "I can't wait!"
Them:  "We're excited!  So will you pound on the pulpit?"
Me:  "Oh yes.  I will also throw out all of your liturgies."
Them:  (Look of horror)
Me:  "And probably scream a lot."
Them:  (Concerned)
Me:  "And be extemporaneous."
Me:  "Okay.  See you soon!"
Katie drops mic and exits stage left, leaving concerned Presbyterians in her wake.

I think they knew I was kidding, but it's fun to keep people on their toes.:)

One of the treasures of Scottsville is its ecumenical spirit.  A few weeks ago we were hosting a group of GAs (Girls in Action) in the Lottie Moon room when I noticed a newsletter from 1960.  It was published by a number of churches in our community with articles, reflections and ways in which they cooperated.  Even 50 years ago our little town recognized the beauty of God's diversity.  I love that.

I'm grateful for a tradition of cooperation and love amongst many of the churches in our town.  I'm excited for July 14 and look forward to worshipping alongside the good folks of Scottsville Presbyterian.  I hope you'll join us.

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