Monday, June 25, 2012

The day Katie went to college

When my youngest brother Sam was 8 years old I left for college.  In my apartment hangs the essay he wrote about that day aptly titled "The Day Katie Went to College."  Are you ready for an amazing opening paragraph? 

"It was an early fall day and it was one of the saddest days of my life.  I knew it was time for my sister, Katie, to go to college.  I felt horrible because I loved her and I thought I wouldn't get to see her again."   

Does anyone have a fresh tissue about...because it's getting misty.

Happily Sam learns you do get to see your siblings once they leave for college.  "Now when Katie leaves I don't need to cry because I know I will see her again."  Shoo.  I can't handle the thought of a sad 8 year old Sam.  Did you need a picture of Sam as a boy?  Okay.  Here's 5 year old Sam afflicted with chicken pox.  Though sickly, he is not ill-prepared for battle.  Also sunlight.  He's ready for that too.

For much of my life I've lived far away from Sam, but not this summer!  On Thursday Sam moves to Washington, DC for six weeks for a Congressional internship.  I'm so excited!  He'll be living in the city with all the cool cats, but we'll get to hang out and go to baseball games.  I can't wait!  Sam has grown into a wonderful young man.  I'm proud of him.  

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