Sunday, June 24, 2012

I dreamed a dream

Due to a late 1990s marching band rivalry, Les Miserables and Katie didn't start off as friends.  I wish I could say "It's a long story" but it's not.  I practiced loyalty to my fellow band geeks (said lovingly) by expressing disdain for all other shows.

Later in life I learned about Jean Valjean and the priest.  I learned about the stolen bread and silver.  The story captured me.  When Jean Valjean is caught by the police for stealing from the priest, the priest forgives him without reason.

Bishop: Now Don't Forget, Don't ever Forget, you've promised to become a new man. 
Jean Valjean: Promise? Wha, Why are you doing this? 
Bishop: Jean Valjean my brother you no longer belong to evil. With this silver, I have bought your soul. I've ransomed you from fear and hatred, and now I give you back to God. 

It's quite a moment.  You can almost feel the redemption and grace.  

I haven't yet read the book but I have seen both the movie and theater production. A few summers ago my parents and I saw Les Mis at an outdoor theater.  It was marvelous!  Icing on the cake:  Dad flew on Southwest Airlines with the entire cast the next day.  Clearly they were not in character but imagine what could have been if Dad stepped out.  Dad:  "Please pass me the peanuts fine sir."

Javert:  "You stole those peanuts for your family!  THEY ARE NOT FREE ANYMORE.  Nothing is free.  I will arrest you and make you pay."

Okay so that would not happen. has come to my attention Les Miserables is hitting the big screen!  I saw the trailer and got goosebumps all over.  I can't wait until Christmas.  Here it is:

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