Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ash Wednesday in Bethlehem

We arrived in Israel at approximately 6:00pm Wednesday night.  It is now almost 10:00pm.  We are still awake!  If you know my dad this is no small miracle.  Here we are being happy, but also being tired.

We're in Israel!  

The drive from Tel Aviv to Bethlehem was full of new sights and sounds. When the Bible says "he went up to Jerusalem" it is spot on! The city on the hill was marvelous even at night.  I look forward to visiting Jerusalem at the end of our trip.

Tonight we are in Bethlehem.  After a delicious dinner, we shared an Ash Wednesday Service outside overlooking Jesus' birthplace.  It's hard to find the words.

From our Ash Wednesday Service:

God of our lives, out of the dust of creation
you have formed us and given us life.
May these ashes not only be a sign
of our repentance and death,
but reminders that by your gift of grace
in Jesus Christ, our Redeemer,
we are granted life forever with you.  Amen.

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