Friday, March 7, 2014

The Humble Door

As the people of Scottsville Baptist Church enjoy a second cup of coffee this morning, I am praying for those who will participate in God's mission this weekend!  I am praying for our leaders (Hallie, Matt, Sue, and Lynda) and our students (Caleb, William, Michael, Bruce, Kimberly, Brandon, and Mariah).  I am praying for the Mission Madness leaders and the CBF of Virginia.  

Yesterday we visited the Church of the Nativity (the traditional site of Jesus' birth).  Before entering the ornate building you must walk through a tiny door (named the humble door).  Nearly everyone has to duck to get through it.  The door is open to all, but you have to humble yourself to come inside.  As they say "That'll preach."

Dad entering the Church of the Nativity through the humble door
Today we visited Jerusalem.  It is magnificent.  There is more to say. When I find my words again, I will tell you about it.

View of Jerusalem's Old City

Katie and Dad In Jerusalem

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